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4 doctors found for "Nuclear Cardiology"
Smriti H. Deshmukh, MD FACC
170 Maple Avenue, Suite 104, White Plains, NY 10601
Dr. Smriti Deshmukh is board certified in Cardiology,  Echocardiography and Nuclear Cardiology. Her areas of clinical expertise include adult cardiology, as well as advanced echocardiography and nuclear cardiac imaging.  She will serve as the Director of Echocardiography at Whi...
Gabriela Anamaria Grasa, MD
122 Maple Avenue, 7th Floor, White Plains, NY 10601
Dr. Gabriela Anamaria Grasa serves as the Director of Outreach for Cardiology Services at White Plains Hospital. She is board-certified in cardiology, nuclear cardiology, echocardiography and internal medicine. A native of Romania, Dr. Grasa graduated from the Carol Davila Medica...
Douglas J. Hart, MD
122 Maple Avenue, 7th Floor, White Plains, NY 10601
Dr. Douglas J. Hart is Director of Echocardiography at White Plains Hospital. He specializes in cardiovascular disease, echocardiography, and nuclear cardiology. Prior to joining White Plains Hospital Physician Associates, Dr. Hart was Medical Director of Echocardiography at West...
Gregory Pontone, MD, MBA
122 Maple Ave., 7th floor, White Plains, NY 10601
Dr. Gregory Pontone is a noninvasive cardiologist at White Plains Hospital, where he also serves as the Associate Medical Director of Ambulatory Quality & Physician Services. Board-certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Nuclear Cardiology, and Echocardiograph...