WPHPA Surgical Specialties

122 Maple Avenue, Floor 9, White Plains, NY 10601

White Plains Hospital is proud to offer the services of the accomplished surgical team of general surgeons Philip Weber, MD (gastroesophageal and bariatric);  Kaare Weber, MD and Stacie Kahan, MD (endocrine); Kimberly Yee, MD and June Hsu, MD (colorectal); Sasan Roayaie, MD (hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery); and Kayvan Roayaie, MD PhD (general surgery). With a reputation as a highly skilled multi-specialty surgical practice, Surgical Specialists have been serving the White Plains community for more than 50 years, and they have served as surgical consultants to the New York Rangers™.

Because each surgeon is board certified in General Surgery and has additional subspecialty expertise within General Surgery, the practice offers a full complement of compassionate, personalized surgical care for a variety of conditions. The surgeons of Surgical Specialists take pride in tailoring care to meet the needs of each patient individually, and they carefully coordinate treatment and management with colleagues in every medical specialty, including physicians in the White Plains Hospital Center for Cancer Care.

What services does Surgical Specialists offer?

Conveniently located at the state-of-the-art Center for Advanced Medicine & Surgery, our surgeons provide exceptional, specialized care in the following areas:

  • acute care surgery, including the gastrointestinal and biliary (liver and gallbladder) tracts
  • wound care, including venous and arterial ulcers and diabetic wounds
  • complex hernia repairs
  • bariatric (weight-loss) surgery
  • minimally invasive surgery of the stomach, intestine, colon and rectum
  • cancer care, including thyroid, breast, stomach, intestinal, colon, and anal cancers
  • endoscopic screening for colon and other gastrointestinal cancers
  • endoscopic microsurgery (TEM) to remove polyps
  • benign diseases of the anus and rectum (fissures, hemorrhoids, incontinence and prolapse)
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including reflux, hernia, appendicitis, diverticular disease, gallstones, and pancreatic diseases
  • endocrine surgery including thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal gland procedures

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To make an appointment with a physician at Surgical Specialists, call 914-948-1000.