White Plains Hospital Maternal Fetal Medicine

122 Maple Avenue. White Plains, NY 10601

White Plains Hospital perinatologists (maternal-fetal medicine specialists) specialize in high-risk pregnancies. They provide medical care throughout and shortly after a pregnancy, performing prenatal testing, diagnosis, regular fetal monitoring and prescribed therapy, particularly if there is an increased risk of complications. Women at risk for complications due to multiple births; pre-term labor; or the potential for birth defects due to family history, advanced maternal age, pre-existing conditions or medical history are often referred to one of our perinatologists for close monitoring throughout the pregnancy term.  Monitoring and ultrasound are performed in a comfortable setting located in the main Hospital using the most advanced technology available.  White Plains Hospital perinatologists are key members of a team of specialists ensuring optimal high risk care and collaborate closely with the mother’s referring Obstetrician/Gynecologist and other appropriate specialists throughout the pre-natal and post-natal period.

Services include:

  • Diabetes care
  • Management of multiple births
  • Genetic amniocentesis
  • Fetal ultrasound
  • Fetal heart monitoring