Hip Arthroscopy

Are You Experiencing Hip Pain as a Result of a Sudden Slip, Twist or Previous Injury? Hip Surgery May Be the Solution to Regaining Your Mobility and Comfort.

The orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine experts at Westchester Sport and Spine are here to help you. From the time leading up to your hip surgery through your recovery period, WSS puts patients first. With 40 years of combined experience diagnosing orthopedic pain and injuries, the fellowship-trained specialists at Westchester Sport and Spine provide you with the highest level of care for surgical hip procedures.

Hip surgery is commonly used as a last resort treatment if a patient is living with persistent pain, has damaged joints, or has experienced a fracture. After being seen by a Westchester Sport and Spine surgeon, a treatment plan will be created for your hip surgery to get you on the path to recovery.

About Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is a surgical procedure designed to help surgeons visualize the hip joint without making a large incision. Arthroscopies are often referred to as “minimally invasive” procedures for this reason. Rather than creating a large incision to examine the joint, surgeons will use an arthroscope. An arthroscope is an instrument that allows the surgeons to make a small incision to insert the scope. Then, they will be able to visualize the joint using the camera in the arthroscope.

Hip arthroscopy is a diagnostic procedure that is used to understand the severity of various conditions or injuries affecting the hip. It can also be used to explore the joint to check for injuries or conditions that were not apparent during other tests.

A hip arthroscopy can also be used to treat some conditions or injuries. This is because the instrument also includes small tools. During this procedure, the surgeon can repair structures in the joint once an issue is found.

Conditions and Injuries That Can Benefit from Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is often used to examine the hip joint internally. Many tests can give the surgeon a lot of information about the health of a patient’s hip joint. However, arthroscopy is one of the best ways for them to visualize and explore the joint.

Hip arthroscopy can also be used to treat the following conditions and injuries:

  • Labral tears
  • Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI)
  • Ligament injuries
  • Cysts
  • Bursitis
  • Loose bodies in the joint
  • Femoral head abnormalities
  • Acetabulum abnormalities
  • Synovial diseases

The surgeons at Westchester Sport and Spine work with each patient to understand their concerns and symptoms. After a careful examination, they may recommend a hip arthroscopy to examine and repair issues with the hip joint.


Hip arthroscopies offer patients a variety of benefits, including a faster recovery period. This is because the surgeon only needs to create a small incision to examine the joint. In the past, they would need to fully open the joint to achieve the same level of access.

Hip arthroscopy is associated with less damage and less postoperative pain. Since the surgeon will not need to cut through more muscle and tissue, there is less damage to the area surrounding the hip joint. These are some of the reasons why your surgeon may recommend a hip arthroscopy.

This procedure is often performed in an outpatient center. Since it is minimally-invasive, patients can typically go home the same day of the procedure. Paired with shorter recovery times and less pain, a hip arthroscopy can be a great option for many patients.

Recovering from Hip Arthroscopy

In general, arthroscopic surgery offers patients a faster recovery period than traditional surgery. This is because the arthroscope only requires a small incision, rather than needing a large incision to visualize the joint.

Additionally, arthroscopic surgery is a highly successful procedure. Less than 1% of patients experience complications from this procedure. The talented surgeons at Westchester Sport and Spine also use state-of-the-art technology and techniques to help patients achieve the best results.

As an outpatient procedure, hip arthroscopy allows patients to bear weight on their hip shortly after the procedure. There is minimal discomfort following arthroscopic surgeries as well. Before a hip arthroscopy, your Westchester Sport and Spine surgeon will discuss all of your concerns with you. Additionally, you will learn all about what to expect during recovery and how to care for your incision.

While the recovery period can vary depending on the condition or injury that the arthroscopy is being used to diagnose or treat. This information will also be reviewed with you prior to the procedure so that you know exactly what to expect.

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Call Us Immediately

If you experience the following symptoms following hip surgery please call the orthopedic doctors and specialists at Westchester Sport and Spine immediately and then ask someone to drive you to our clinic if:

  • Your hip appears deformed
  • Inability to use your hip, walk or apply weight to your leg
  • Intense pain
  • Sudden swelling