Arthroscopic Surgery

Are you experiencing pain as a result of a sudden injury or chronic condition?

The orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine experts at Westchester Sport and Spine are here to help you. With 40 years of combined experience diagnosing orthopedic conditions and injuries, the board-certified specialists at Westchester Sport and Spine provide you with the highest level of care for surgical and non-surgical orthopedic procedures.

About Arthroscopic Surgery

Though most patients with orthopedic injuries can benefit from minimally-invasive and non-operative interventions, sometimes surgery is necessary to return you to good health. One such procedure that benefits our patients the most is arthroscopic surgery. This surgery is a final diagnostic tool offering more insight than x-rays and traditional “open” surgery.

During arthroscopic surgery, doctors are able to use an incredibly compact, specially-designed camera to see into the body’s joints. The camera is brought into the body through a small incision and delicately guided to the affected area.

Once inside the joint, your surgeon will assess the cartilage and ligaments that may have been injured. With this perspective, the doctor is able to repair the affected areas or plan for a different surgical procedure. Your doctor will use the diagnostic information collected from the arthroscopy to give you the least invasive, most effective treatment you need to heal.

Conditions and Injuries that can benefit from Arthroscopic Surgery

Ailments that are most commonly treated using surgical arthroscopy include but are not limited to:

  • Inflammation
    • Commonly presents as pain in the knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, and wrist
  • Acute or Chronic injury
    • i.e. rotator cuff tear, impingement, or dislocation of the shoulder
    • Worn, torn, or injured cartilage causing pain and instability in the knee
    • Carpal tunnel of the wrist
    • Loose cartilage or bodies floating within the joint’s fluids, causing pain and impeding movement

Benefits of Arthroscopic Surgery

The advantages of choosing arthroscopy instead of or in combination with other treatments include:

Less exposure of the joints and tissues leading to a:

  • Shorter recovery time
  • Lower chance of complications

Available in outpatient and office settings providing:

  • Cost-effective care
  • Greater accessibility to treatment
  • Allows you to heal from start to finish with the WSS team!

Recovering From Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery boasts a much gentler recovery period than conventional surgery. Less than 1% of patients report complications. Though it is a much less invasive procedure, your comfort is ensured with the use of anesthetics and the state-of-the-art technology in our operating suites.

After surgery, most patients require little or no pain medications. You are likely to be home within hours of the surgery’s completion. At home care involves caring for the site of incision and keeping up with reparative exercises to speed up recovery time.

Ultimately, your recovery, pain management, recovery process, and downtime will be most influenced by the complexity of your injury.  The type of surgical intervention is determined based on the patient’s needs, patient’s medical history, age, general physical condition, and occupation are considered before making a decision on surgical approach.

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Arthroscopy is one of the greatest advances in orthopedic surgery. It can treat many different injuries with minimal invasion, faster recovery times, and less financial investment. If you have been suffering from chronic pain, I encourage you to come in for an orthopedic consultation. WSS is always taking new patients!

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